Using Reddit to Improve

Reddit, our procrastination buddy, the place where we always get drowned in its fun stuff. There’s a lot of stuff you could find there, a subreddit catered for your personal preference.

With that given, there’s also a bunch of subreddit catered for personal growth, also reddit greatly influence me that’s why I’m able to blog  Smartphone Minimalism and turning goals into habits.

With that said I’m going to share with you a brief overview of subreddits that will greatly improve your way of life and hopefully increase your productivity. Take your time and check each subreddit which will greatly help you.

My Top 5 Subreddits

1. r/getdisciplined/ –  If you want advice to stop a bad habit and start a good one redditors here respond very quickly.

2. r/selfimprovement/ – Subreddit for people who want to improve. Pretty straightforward, redditors here will provide you tips and advice on how you can grow that skill.

3. r/howtonotgiveafuck/ – If you want to let go of that fear, be daring and know what you can be, this active community is yours.

4. r/productivity/ – Ok you have a deadline you wanna meet? Join this group. Lots of tips and workflows you can learn if you join this community.

5. r/Frugal/ – I personally like this group, if you want to improve your relationship with money you need to join this community.

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